5 minute freewrite Saturday


This is my post for #freewriters Saturday hosted by @mariannewest

the very north of
he folded his chubby hands
what nasty thing could happen on such a lovely day
ball winder
looking at snow
they found work

He lived in the very north of town. His yard was overgrown and his house needed a lot of work. No one ever came to see him, he was alone. He sat on the front porch, *he folded his cubby hands" and never spoke.

People laughed at him, some looked the other way, and some said he was just a crazy old man. no one took the time to say hello.

One day the old man was sitting on his porch looking at snow that was piled up on the walkway to his house.

I thought to myself, what nasty thing could happen on such a lovely day? I run a business and there was no work to be found. I walked up to the old man and introduced myself. I told him that I had a crew of men that needed work and we will shovel your walkway and do a few other things for you. The old man replied, "no I do not have money to pay you". It is free, I told him. My crew needs work, I will pay them. I will love to go back and tell them, they found work.

The old man got up from his chair and went inside. In a few minutes, he came out with a ball winder and said, "I ain't never believed in getting something for nothing, take this."

When I got home I cleaned the dirt and dust from the ball winder, it was a trophy made of solid gold.

photo is mine


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