Hive Progress: Ending of May

It is the end of the month already and We are also stepping into the month of june which will signal the reaching of the mid point for the year 2023.

As I have mentioned previously that Hive project is one that I believe in the long run, I would also like to keep track of my progress for my hive power.

Hive Power Progress

End of MonthHive PowerRemarks
May 202339,157 HPIt is getting so close to 40k HP. That would be a proud moment for me to hit another 10k milestone for HP.
Dec 2023????End of Year 2023: Achieving 45k HP!!!!

So my goal for HP is 45k at the end of year. Let's hope i can achieve that.


There is a period of time where I stop blogging but recently I have start to slowly pick up. Blogging is indeed one of the best way to increase my hive power. Hoping I can continue to blog as much as I can. In return, I would also would be upvoting my friends to support them too. I met tons of amazing friends and thanks to them that I believe in hive ecosystem so much.

Hive Powerup of the Day (PUD)

I am planning to do my best to get 1000 Hive powerup on the 1st day of the month. I would be also able to get the jumbo bee badge for powering up on that particular day. In this way, I am also able to achieve my goal of 45k HP by year end.

I already have missed one PUD so far for this year. I hope i would not miss another PUD.


I am still delegating most of my HP to Indiaunited to generate passive income of IUC tokens which I can easily convert to Hive. In this way, it can help me to secure like 300 hive per month for power up.

HBD saving

HBD in saving is able to generate 20% of interest and I have been withdrawing the interest monthly. Previously, I am coverting HBD into hive for power up. Now I am still considering if I am going to do so or reinvest HBD into other projects like Splinterlands to remain relevant or GLX for its juicy staking or purely pleasure in Golem Overlord.


I am really thankful to all the community that I am in, you are the main reasons that keep me going and believe in Hive ecosystem in the long run.

I will continue to push myself to get more hive power so I can give back more to the communities.



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