Hive Financial Goals - Week 5: Adjustment and Monitoring and we smashed through the 500 Staked Leo barrier!




My predictions came to fruition this week as I knocked the Leo token target out of the ballpark but the Hive Power came up short, although now as short as I'd predicted.

A few change adjustments this week starting with the formats as I'm going to look at each area of investment individually which gives me the greater flexibility for more or less detail. So let's start with Leo...

Leo (Staked)

The target is 2500 Leo Staked by my 5 anniversary on the 10th November 2022.

So we started off last week with a few staked Leo in hand on 443.145 but actually had 454.187 and was aiming to reach this week's target of 527.614.

I finished the week on a rather impressive (571.972 + 1.273) = 573.245

I have decided to make Leo a solely number-based goal as opposed to a time-based goal but still working on an approx daily target of 12 Stake Leo a day. This will allow me to aim for the 2500 goal much faster as I concentrate on hitting this goal first.

That means I will start this week's goal from my finishing position for the week of 573.245 meaning the goal for next week will be 573.245 + (12 x 7) =

657.245 Staked Leo

Hive Power

I already mentioned that I missed the target of 1132.259 by a bit of a stretch, finally ending the week on 1094.518 although, from my awful starting point, I did better than expected.

I am going to keep this a time-based target but adjust the goal downwards slightly to 2000 HP. The reason for this is I want to concentrate on the Leo for now and my available time and writing abilities just won't let me generate the required amounts.

As such, I'm going to use today's figure as base-point and calculate the daily numbers needed again which gives us...
Required total = 2000 - 1094.518 = 905.484 Hive

Per day it's 905.484 / 157 days = 5.767 Hive

Much more achievable and will hopefully allow me a little flexibility to also save some HBD amongst other things.

So next weeks target will be 1094.518 + (5.767 x 7) =

1134.887 Hive Power

So that's the primary goals out of the way, let's have a look at secondary investments.

EDSMM - @eddie-earner Miner Tokens

I mentioned last week about the new EDSMM tokens costing 1 Hive each and bought 10 of them. The returns? Well, I got a return of 0.45 EDS tokens which is pretty good but of course, the return is not going to be realistic until things have settled down and all the miners are sold.

I will now try to add a couple more miners a week to the portfolio in an attempt to build up a decent stake but like with most things, the people buying hundreds at a time are going to do much better and I am still a little worried of the liquidity in regards to protecting the capital investment.

Current Holding:
EDSMM - 10

Target Holding:
EDSMM - 15

For full details of the scheme, head over to this post to learn all about it.

I have nothing to report on this front as I haven't increased my holdings this week. Don't forget though, we're in a new month so the airdropped tokens are available for you to claim through their website.


My community engagement didn't pick up on Leo finance again this week. I did make a couple of comments but being honest, I find most of the posts their totally uninteresting and nothing more shallow shilling as well as cookie cutter nonsense in an attempt to farm the big votes from Leo-voter.

It's rather disappointing and the only reason for me buying the Leo tokens is because of the amazing team behind Leo Finance but sadly, unless the content improves, their hard work will be wasted.

It was also interesting to note that on @dalz' recent reports, the biggest monthly earners on Hive were all regular Leo Finance posters...

I must try harder this week as (sort of contradicting myself here!) comments on votes can boost the Leo tokens substantially.

And that's it for another week. An interesting week ahead with so much going on right now and I look forward to catching up again with a new report next Monday.

Until then, thanks for reading, have a wonderful week and don't forget...

Life's not about the hustle. It's all about the humanity


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I’ve recently understood the needs to set goals myself, I have set some to help me grow my hive account though just little goals so I don’t overwhelm myself and checked out. At the end of the day it’s the effort I put in that’ll determine whether I reach them or not.
Congrats on your reached goal and good luck with the rest.

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Thank you so much! Its just one small step after another and as you keep going and don't stop, those steps get bigger and bigger.
You'll get there. Application and consistency is the key :-)


Great goals and thanks for sharing your journey!