Monero - Privacy and Use Case: The Perfect Cryptocurrency

For me, Crypto is about personal banking and the responsibility with which that brings. I want to choose what I spend and where I spend it without intrusion or a centralised authority turning me into a statistic and monitoring my every transaction. I don't want to be a 'profile' or a cash generator for the advertising industry and that's why I am a huge supporter of Monero.


Unlike the vast majority of blockchains whose ledgers are transparent meaning the send and receive addresses can be seen by anyone, Monero's transactions are kept hidden, no one can see either the sender's or receiver's address or the amount of the transaction and can thus claim to be a truly fungible blockchain.

The blockchain is fast, transaction fees are low and it is completely decentralised. There are no games to play, farms or DApps, it is unashamedly a method to exchange value between parties, is borderless and open source.

It ticks all my boxes and I currently own just under a dozen with a current value of just shy of $3K USD.

Monero is accepted on dozens of exchanges but more importantly, there are many developed tools to provide eCommerce gateways onto traditional commerce sites as well as a multitude of companies who accept payment by Monero directly.

I can buy French scented candles or Airport Decor amongst loads of other things and the usual gift cards and crypto-related merch and gadgets.

The developers are constantly working to stay one step in front of those who wish to break down the privacy and have a very active community all over the world as well as working hard on marketing to bring more retailers online.

Click here to see who accepts and how you too can accept Monero.

Their documentation is superb with easy guides to set up everything from a wallet to a mining operation and again, the community are always around for a chat and in all my communication with them, never treat the less technical folks like me as an idiot and have time and patience to discuss whatever issues you may have.

Monero (XMR) is not about trading, it's about using, and in my opinion, that's the whole point of developing decentralised alternative financial networks.

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When a cryptocurrency have use cases,it tends to make the crypto to become more valuable.a valuable cryptocurrency will definitely attract investors because such a valuable crypto tend to give a good ROI to the investor/investors who invested on the particular cryptocurrency

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