Less Than A Week to Go - Last Call For a Chance to Win 100 HIVE!

With less than a week to go, you'll be sure to be in the running for 100 LOTUS prize for your #veganuary post! We hope you've been enjoying this month and all the yummy recipes on HIVE and www.naturalmedicine.io.

If you haven't entered your post yet, all the details you need to know are in the original challenge post here. Please ensure that's where you post your link - otherwise I can't count your ticket!.


It's super easy - all you need to do to enter is to buy 20 LOTUS to be eligible! Each 20 LOTUS gives you 1 point. Some people have found it a little tricky, but they have persevered and worked together to learn a new skill! We don't mind if you purchase from LEODEX or from HIVEENGINE - simply join in the fun, and you'll be proud of yourself for figuring out something new!

We've made it SUPER easy to understand HOW to buy LOTUS - simply read this post! I promise you it's easier than you think and at current prices, it's not much of a spend, promise! And if you have trouble, don't worry, just get in touch and we'll work something out. We'd rather you entered, rather than being frustrated for not being sure what to do!

How to Earn Points for Veganuary - And Qualify

  • Each point is a raffle entry into the draw
  • Each post is worth 5 points
  • You can post as many times in the month as you like
  • Each time you enter, you have to buy 20 LOTUS
  • Reblog this post to qualify
  • Bonus points for particularly well written content or amazing original and detailed recipes
  • Don't forget to drop your link and screenshot of your purchase under the original challenge post (link above).

We're looking at sponsors for runner up prizes, so if that's something you'd like to do, please get in touch!

PostAuthorPost PointsLotus Purchase PointsBonus Points
Snow Fungus & Tamarind Juice Salad@sreypov511
A Short Family History of Plant Based Eating@riverflowsN/AN/AN/A
Is a VEGAN diet the best thing for the environment?@pavanjr511
Kalachii Khmer Desert@sreypov511
A Vegan Take on a Southern New Year's Day Tradition {Blackeyed Peas & Collard Greens}@plantstoplanks511
Vegan Spaghetti Bolognaise Plate@pavanjr511
Winter Hot Dog@blackberryskunk512
Two For One Winter Soups@plantstoplanks511
Green Mung Bean Soup@lizelle512
Fried Mushrooms and Mango Salad@sreypov512
Crispy Rice Noodles and Snow Fungus Vegetable Salad@sreypov511
Plant Based Colourful Breakfast@angreklestari512
Homemade Chai Tea and Pina Colada Panna Cotta@carolynstahl512
Vegan Creamy Garlic Cheese and Other Cheesey Recipes@blackberryskunk512
Homemade Vegan Pizza@blackberryskunk513
Jackfruit Seed and Garlic Rasam@justinparke512
Sarma A Taste of Nostalgia@blackberryskunk511

Bonus points go to @blackberryskunk - what, pizza PLUS a hotsauce and cheese recipe? Yes please. And to @carolynstahl - anything pannacotta is amazing in my mouth!

Who said vegans can't have pizza? Image by @blackberryskunk

Beneficiaries this week go to delegators - @lizelle and @justinparke win a 5 percent beneficiary on this post - congratulations!

We like to support our delegators with beneficiaries, OCD nominations, tweets, reblogs and even Instagram mentions! We are COMMUNITY - and we love you all!


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