Mediterranean Mushroom Bread, Double-Decker Mushroom Burgers, Humor & Chips, Healing Teas, Vegan Shrikhand, & More!!


@JustinParke here with another Plant Power curation containing some exciting news, and featuring a selection of delicious #plantbased creations and more to share with all of you.


🙏 Blessed With Abundance 🙏

     The amount of chefs and their delicious recipes grows each week, and although it makes my curation job harder and harder to highlight just a few, I enjoy seeing more and more #plantbased chefery in our community each week. With this in mind, keep the creative culinary juices flowing, and please share with us all your homemade vegan recipes.

Congratulations @shielashraf

     Her Potato Spinach Mushroom Curry was the winner of our @LotusShares Plant Power Cooking Challenge - Week 11. This challenge is a lot of fun, and there are several main ingredients to choose from each week, making it easy for everyone to join in, whether you follow a strictly #plantbased diet or not. Come have a look at the new challenge and featured ingredients.

Plant Power Cooking Challenge - Week #12



     I chose @chetanpadliya as the 5% beneficiary because his mango shrikhand is out of this world!!


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Mediterranean Mushroom Bread | Taste of summer

by: @blackberryskunk

     Another awesome bread from even more awesome baker. The bread scene in Suriname is a very sad one, and we basically only have access to packaged long-shelf-life breads here. It has been so long since I smelled some proper hot fresh bread, and your posts always remind me how much better life is with fresh-baked bread in it.



Vegan Double Mushroom Burger

by: @carolynstahl

     As soon as I saw the thumbnail from this post, I was already envisioning myself unhinging my jaw and eating this anaconda style. Well, it's a delicious and appealing recipe, and this chef could've simply plated a one-story burger, but she had to go ahead and make a double-decker. Perhaps eating this burger on a snowmobile while smuggling maple syrup is surely how to Make Canada Great Again, again.



Why The Gardeners Of Hive Are Responsible for My Farts [Plus, Yakon Chips]

by: @riverflows

     Is there a food that makes you fart more than boiled jackfruit seeds? If there is, it may just be these yakon chips. The chips look delicious, and by reading this post you can learn how to make your own, but that's not why I would recommend reading this post. It's absolutely hilarious, and I must admit the story within easily outshines this delicious snack.




by: @amy-goodrich

     Our next-door neighbor here in Suriname, Guyana, calls lemongrass "fevergrass," and both Surinamers and Guyanese use it mostly to make tea, very rarely using it in foods like Southeast Asians do. My family and I mostly use pandan leaves in desserts and curries, so I found this tea very interesting, and I definitely want to make a pot soon, but first I'll have to the find pandan leaves, something very elusive in Suriname.



Mango Flavored Hung Curd: Delicious Vegan Shrikhand

by: @chetanpadliya

     Don't worry, this curd is fully #plantbased, so we all can enjoy. If you haven't heard of or enjoyed shrikhand, you're missing out, or on second thought, maybe not. Traditionally it's a yogurt-based dish, very similar to a western pudding, so this fully vegan homemade version gives us all a chance to enjoy this awesome traditional Indian dish.


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