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It's happened to me many times, and I've chided myself for it. If I don't do anything all day, at night I'll be thinking I'm worthless, useless. It's those negative thoughts that make me feel a little guilty, because as you say, ''just do it'' and despite thinking about it at the time, I don't do it.

But it's a matter of learning, I for example one day I couldn't find the motivation to write, but that's what I wrote, about ''the lack of motivation to write'' hahaha, telling what was happening to me at that moment, as if I was thinking out loud (or in letters). After you finish doing it, you feel really good. It's a nice feeling.

And you nevertheless managed to make this post, although it seems simple, it is a bit intense and is a topic for debate. Thanks for sharing it. :)

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Thank you for also sharing your story; just goes to show we all struggle with this issue and that we're not alone.

Have an awesome week!