Telos integration with Shield2Protocol is now active!



Hello Hive Community,

I hope you doing well. It's NEO here and I am a part of the Telos Eagles Team.

2022 already started and here at Telos we always going forward. About 2 weeks ago I posted about our new partnership with Shield2Protocol and just to remind you that from today it becomes active.

Telos is happy to announce an upcoming integration with Shield Protocol! Shield Protocol is an innovative security protocol and wallet that is paving the way to a more secure industry. Our new partnership with Shield means that Telos will be added to the Shield Wallet on January 1st, 2022. This will allow TLOS holders to take advantage of the tooling and security features that the Shield Protocol offers. It will also open the Telos ecosystem up to massive new user base of over 20,000 wallet holders.

Download app today and manage your assets:
More information:

Thank you.
Stay safe.


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