What do you think about this Telos chart?



Hi there,

How's it going? It's NEO here :)

I hope you all well. I am not a profesionall trader but I have learned a bit here and there about charts and would like to ask someone who is more deep in it.

Was just wondering about this TLOS/USDT chart on Kucoin. I've heard a lot of good opinions about this project and would like to see what other traders think about it too.

My opinion is this:

  1. It touched the bottom support which is 0.75100
  2. Nicely jump up and cross 0.86974 and 0.99713
  3. Stopped at resistance 1.14962
  4. Go down to support 0.99713
  5. And now what? I guess it should go up again and try to retest that top there, right?

Let me know in comments what do you think.
Thanks for reading.


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We all have our opinions and separate experiences with various financial markets. I understand watching the way a token, or fund performs to get an idea or feeling for how you think it may continue to perform.
That chart covers a 1 day period, and it seems that within that 1 day the coin's performance is increasing.
Again I am no expert :-)