Surprising Myself.

Sometimes you really just have to have a go and just see what happening.

Usually I just stick to my strengths and that has worked well for me over the years, but occasionally I put myself right out there and try something new.

Like when I first stumbled onto hive. It looked way to confusing and time consuming. But all the crypto fuss just kept popping up at work, with friends and when my son finally started talking about it. I thought I just had to investigate a bit more than just buying coins on an exchange and hodling.

After reading description after description I finally find two coins that talk about social media. Hive and Steem. I start to think this might be promising and start opening a Steem account, @consciouscat who was also interested, interrupts me and tells me after a quick google. "Hive sounds better".

The more I looked into Hive the more I liked it. I was not much one for using social media, but I did play the odd game or two on my phone and do like all my fitness. One after the other I explored and learned different apps and communities. I even got to made a bit of a travel Blog, something I had always wanted!

The travel blogging has slowly help with my writing and creating, now I always have my eye out for an interesting photo or two.

The more I Hive the more I surprise myself. I never really enjoyed writing and or the English subject at school but now I seem to be endless dreaming up posting possibilities.

Building a wallet full of hive power and second layer tokens is most definitely educational and entertaining.

I have included some photos I took of a Cleveland Point. Queensland, Australia sunset which I though came out surprising good.