A moment of reflection on Bitcoin and Hive



Greetings colleagues, on this opportunity I want to share my content as an opinion, about the reality that Bitcoin and hive is living, since it is a very crucial moment of the blockchain ecosystem, where we see how this cryptomone broke the barrier of its maximum, giving a great opportunity to those investors who at the last minute thought about investing in the long term with their risk, at a price at that time of $5,900, where today the reality is $23,000 providing great opportunities to investors who managed to invest under this scenario.

Image taken from the application of my cell phone Coingecko

Many of us have asked ourselves what happened with the other cryptomon currencies, setting aside the Ethereum, for my case of reflection that we make life in the ecosystem of Hive, the reality of the Bitcoin shows us that for the chance a great part of the cryptomon currencies are not anchored to it, which represents that it is standing on its own and supporting by its level of confidence, for the case of Hive at the moment it lives this reality at a price of 0.12$, positioning in this range of price depending on its confidence to make transactions.

Which is your a of the reasons that affect the price, of the classic form of the supply and demand of the crypto-currency, depending on its liquidity as currency in the form that is spent bought or making transactions of purchase sale, from the wallet and usiatops with volume of the digital asset, the other option as strategy of mechanism of investment analyzing its graph the blockchain.

Let's also remember that the Bitcoin is decentralized, where the blockchain is a distributed financial system, free of intermediaries, everything is given its risks to invest in the long term, but what they did now generated huge profits, this is where you should wisely invest all that profit in the event that the price drops.

Image taken from the application of my cell phone Coingecko

Big economies of several countries accept it as a payment mechanism and that in turn is an investment mechanism to get foreign exchange, because in a decentralized way as they affect large economies, can be opportunity from the next point of view, will benefit from large injections of institutional money from brokerage houses and financial markets, everything has its good side bad.

For the case of Hive is made solidad thanks to its platform and its ecosystem with a diversity of users who give him confidence in the value of hive, to make solidad to test adversity in the market for cryptomoneda, will continue to fight, remember for this 2020 hive got a maximum of $ 1, for hive large users in your portfolio with volume of this, which is expected to reach that maximum will have its great benefits of their investment.