Organize your work and make life easier.

Preparation is the key to success.


Old wisdom but it's true.

I always remember Roy Keane when Ireland were at the world cup and he walked away from the team at the knockout stages. He was the leader and the captain who demanded the best form those around him. It was the reason that he was so successful and why Man united were so successful with him leading the line.

Right or wrong he expected a certain standard of preparation which would lead to success or fail miserably without it. Other leaders would have the same stance with some managers famous for their attention to detail.

Things can always happen unexpectedly but the more you prepare for these outcomes the less surprises that you will have.

I'm just here as chaos legion is finishing up on splinterlands realizing that i haven't even completed the deck. As we all know, the prices will only go up form here as long at the game continues in it's current manner.

That's why it's time to get my ass in gear and see what i have left to collect before they get very expensive.

I don't need the legendary summoners but i want 1 of everything else maxed out. I have bought lots of bits and pieces spread out over my main account and two other rental accounts but it was almost impossible to know what i had already gotten with cards everywhere.

So I got organized.


Look at that sexy excel sheet. I'm going to do out all of the editions over time but Chaos legion is the priority for now.

  • Card
  • Amount owned.
  • Yellow for summoners.
  • Red for cards needed.

I had to write them up manually but remembered a few sum functions on excel and discovered the conditional formatting button through a bit of googling.

Now I can see what i have, what i need and focus on buying up the missing cards over the next couple of years. I've also discovered a few doubles that i can sell for other cards if needed. With the way that some of the prices are going at the moment i might need to add in a kidney or two as well.

I love putting things in order like this and getting organized. It makes things so much easier to accomplish and i just get the mood for work sometimes.

It was the same over the weekend as i took apart the house and got it back into order, one room at a time. Now things are running much smoother and i know exactly what i have and where i have it. I can see if there is anything that we need to buy and have a great excuse to not buy anything as well.

It's all about the organization and being prepared. It saves time, money, effort and in the long run will pay off in all things.

After that needs to come a bit more consistency. Combine the two and you can take over the world.

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Smart man, and you're spot on when it comes to the utility in getting organized.

I'll never forget the time I was cleaning out my closet and found $200 I'd stashed away months ago. You better believe that money came in handy at just the right time! And it really spoke to the value in getting organized.

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Very very true
It's been said overtime and people might be thinking it's loosing it's worth but in reality.... It remains an undisputed fact!


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