The power of Hive will be it's interconnectivity.

Not sure if that's even a real word.

But it's a real concept.


Every transaction on hive is part of the system and adds to the total value of the chain.

Every single transaction has a cost and if we combine enough transactions across all of the apps then it will lead to a higher price as people will need more hive power to complete these transactions.

Hive has consistently been one of the most transacted blockchains over the past two years and even today is number 4 on blocktivity.

When splinterlands was booming last year it was pushing for the number 2 spot behind wax.

Price depends on a lot of factors and a lot more than just transactions but if more hive is powered up then the exchange supply goes down and it's a lot easier to make the price go up.

If more apps are processing more transactions then the accounts need more hive from the market to supply their userbase. Or the users themselves need more hive to keep up their activity.

All we need is one Hive app to make it big and it will drag the whole eco-system up with it.

Any app that grows exponentially will need lots of hive power for it's userbase and drive up the price trying to stock up.

Splinterlands had a small fee to open a full account with them and the $10 was more than enough to stock up their account with hive for every user while the backend dealt with all of the technicalities of the blockchain.

This is the way forward and it has proven to be a successful model to run an app.

The game brought a lot of new users and new money to the table from outside sources which flowed back to the main community and made some of them a lot of profit.

Again, money that can be used to buy and power up more hive as a community.

Money to build some of their own projects which could in turn do the same again.

Leo are trying to do something similar now.

They are aiming to be the second hive app to achieve major success using the same priciples.

  • Step away from the blockchain.
  • Use light accounts.
  • Fund their transactions.
  • Give a proper web2 experience.
  • Create external revenue from these new users.
  • Increase the user numbers of hive at the same time.
  • Build out more use cases.

It seems like the key to the game is to move away from hive in the most basic sense.

Just build cool apps and make them as easy to use as possible. Generate revenue from the apps and bring it back into the community.

Will this have the same effect on the leofinance community as it id with the splinterlands community?

If it's successful then it will.

If the team can bring in 100K daily users then the ad revenue will grow to a very respectable level.

Use this to buy back LEO of the market and you will the price shoot up very fast.

If you can suddenly join a site where their token is worth $1 and can be earned for using it like twitter then there is huge growth potential.

Older users who have been buying the token at 5c will make a large profit from this growth as new money comes into the system and hopefully set people on the way to building app number three for the eco-system.

Some users will have had a position in both splinterlands and LEO setting them up nicely for the future and the chance to build something cool themselves as well as buying up more hive with these profits.


All success on Hive will be exponential.

Every success that happens on the chain will open up ten more opportunities for the next wave of users.

Bring 100k users to LEO and show them the power of hive and surely some of them will try to use it in new and interesting ways.

Getting in early is a huge advantage in this game and especially with hive as it is only starting to mature now.

There are a lot of projects being built at the moment any of which could be the next big thing.

All it takes is one to kickstart the whole eco-system.

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This has been the dream for a long time. It is only now starting to get to the point where people can see that it actually might be able to come true.

Leo could be the match that lights the fuse to the rocket. It won't happen overnight, but it may happen faster than we think. Just gotta keep our heads down and keep building.

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