Are You Emotionally Intelligent?


A wise man once said,”I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, enjoy them and dominate them”

It’s important that we learn about self awareness, how to manage our emotions and our relationships with others.
Emotions are good, it makes us feel alive! As humans…
But, when we lack emotional intelligence in handling our emotions it can become a problem.
For instance, anger as an emotion when channeled properly can become motivation for improvement. Otherwise, it could become dangerous.
One way to improve one’s emotional intelligence, is to get to know and understand yourself.
Know what you like and dislike, see how you react to certain things and how your emotions play out, that way, you’ll know how to deal with others.

The Truth…
You are never held by what you didn’t say, therefore check what you say to people when you’re angry and hurting.

Always put yourself in other people’s shoes and see if you can handle what you give out.

Feed yourself, with good thoughts and emotions. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Identify your weaknesses and consciously work towards improving yourself.

Ask for help in prayers, talk to someone about it and exercise what you learn.

Practice makes improvements, don’t just say you were born or created this way. Try to improve yourself, learn about yourself, the things that trigger you negatively and try to improve yourself.

The question is to self, and we all need to answer honestly; Are you emotionally intelligent?