Opening two Chaos Legion packs.

I hold over 100 Chaos Legion packs, I'm thinking to open them gradually, for example, one per week but I can't wait and maybe I will be opening more per week.
Yesterday I opened two of them.
Let's see what these packs hid.



I was not so lucky, the packs hid the following cards:

First pack

  • 1 rare card (Soul Strangler) 20 DEC
  • 1 common card (Raciated Brute) 5 DEC
  • 1 rare card (River Nymph) 20 DEC
  • 1 common card (Blinding Reflector) 5 DEC
  • 1 common card (Riftwing) 5 DEC

Second pack

  • 1 common card (Carrion Shade) 5 DEC
  • 1 common card (Mycelic Morphoid) 5 DEC
  • 1 common card (Scavo Hireling) 5 DEC
  • 1 common card (Goblin Psychic) 5 DEC
  • 1 epic card (Insidious Warlock) 100 DEC



As you can see the total value of the cards of these two packs at the moment is estimated at around $1.6 if we consider that at the moment each pack costs $4 then these were drawn undervalue.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

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Thank you!


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