Splinterlands - Season (Gold II) Rewards (26 Loot Chests).


Hello guys, another Season in Splinterlands has come to an end and it is time to claim the rewards.
This season I was not so lucky in my daily quest rewards, the only good reward was a common gold card.
I had the hope that I will be luckier in season rewards.
I rented some cards to move up to the league and claim more loot chests and with the help of some delegated cards, I managed to finish in the golden II league claiming 26 loot chests.
gold II.png

Luck was not on my side as I had a mediocre draw.
Let's go now to see the opening of the chests.
I can say it was a good draw.
In sum, I found:

  • 2 Alchemy potion charges
  • 3 Legendary potion charges
  • 137 DEC
  • 1 common card (Gargoya Lion)
  • 2 common cards (Venari Heatsmith)
  • 1 common card (Pelacor Receiver)
  • 2 common cards (Pelacor Conjurer)
  • 1 common card (Pelacor Bandit)
  • 1 common card (Pelacor Mercenary)
  • 1 rare card (Venari Bonesmith)
  • 1 rare card (Twilight Basilisk)

season rew part1.png

season rew part2.png

season rew part3.png

all these cards add 80 power to my account.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

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Happy new year to all!!!


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