Media on the Block-Chain - What is the Future?


Time to Think!

I am writing this post the night before I go to South Carolina to meet the group Media Bear and do some work for them shooting footage for their videos. I have been in contact with them for several months, and have a working relationship with "Doc Clown." I have been moderating in his YouTube chatroom, and even though this will be the first time meeting him in person, I am looking forward to a great weekend. There will be another "Truther" artist there called ODD TV and I am hoping for a chance to speak to him as well. Needless to say, I will be promoting the #HIVE Ecosystem to everyone I can all weekend! As of now, Media Bear has 37K Subscribers, and ODD has 310K Subscribers. They create content that is called "Truther Music" and regardless of whether or not you personally listen to them or know who they are, does not change the fact the over 337K people do, and that would make a nice contribution to HIVE!

To Make a Point

With the unveiling of the CineTV, and the recent launch of Music for Life I think it important to bring up something that can get overlooked in the hype around HIVE becoming the space it is - and that is what it stands for. To me, HIVE is one of the last bastions of free speech where a person cannot be shut down just because someone decided that what you say should not be heard, and this to me cannot be over-stressed in importance. The fact that we have an established morning show on the #Weedcash network called The Morning Bowl done by @DaveDickeyYall, tells me a lot about what we could possibly have here in the future. The Morning Bowl inspired my wife @QueenBee1977 to come up with the idea for NightCap with Nancy, and since I have an education in creating Digital Media, I started thinking...

What Could Be...

Now that we have these openings into the worlds of Music and Media Production, I think it would be extremely cool to see these platforms develop to where they have actual "Stations" that people can tune into to see their favorite shows, on whatever channel they want to watch. Of course, M4L has the focus on Music, but I can see an "MTV" type of channel, where HIVE creators can highlight their music and videos, a "News" station, giving real highlights on global news, not from the Associated Press and what they decided we need to hear, but from real people on the ground telling us first hand what they see. The Morning Bowl and NightCap with Nancy could be on the WeedCash channel for the 420 aficionados, and of course, we could have a "Tin Foil Hat" channel for people that want to talk about UFO's or whatever they want to. Take this projection out further, and you can see people doing plays, musicals, whatever drives their passion, and HIVE can be the place that highlights them!

What Is Your Point?

Although I am honored to be on the M4L Curation team, I am not privy to any of the development talk any more than anyone else. I just like to think in a crowd and hope that I get some feedback, or that I initiate some thought in someone else. I really do like the way I see things heading on HIVE, and I love being a part of this growing community. Let me put it out there now, I have a BAS in Digital Media Production, and if there are any plans for HIVE to do its own production in the future, count me in!

Thank you for reading!

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