No Loss Lottery Winner Week Number Five!



The Fifth Weekly 1st Prize Lottery Winner

Determined with random number generator, today’s first number is #120 which is @votebetting

Congratulations @votebetting you win First Prize 100 BLEO!


The Second number is #128 and that is @jc1991gsf you win 25 BLEO.

Congratulations @jc1991gsf

Congratulations @ jc1991gsf you win Second Prize 25 BLEO!


Third number is #392 and that is @eirik for 25 BLEO.

Congratulations @eirik you win 25 BLEO!


Note: Leo Minus 5% Lottery fee of BLEO means Leo will be sent to the lucky winner

Wallet Transfers for awarded prizes this week!


Wow! Do you want a chance to win? Find out how to enter below!

Send 1 Leo per ticket to @nolosslottery
Buy as many tickets as you wish.
All ticket purchases are refundable on Sunday

How does the No Loss Lottery work?

Each lottery ticket costs one Leo, which is swapped for BLEO on Cubfinance. Your Leo becomes BLEO in the BLEO-BNB Farm.

Every ticket gives you a chance to win the earnings for the 2500 plus BLEO earning Cub in the BLEO-BNB Farm!

This week the earnings in Cub equaled 150 BLEO, which were given out in prizes above!

Each week the interest earned in Cub is traded for BLEO and awarded to the Lucky winners!


Your deposit buys you a chance at winning a monetary prize much bigger then your One Leo. So in the way it’s like a Lottery. But you can always get your Leo deposit back by requesting it. So in that way it’s like a Savings Account. But as long as you leave your Leo deposited you are automatically entered in every weeks drawing.

Wallet Transfers for awarded prizes this week!

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