I just finished watching a taskmaster's video on the hive pump and I got this idea for a post I want to explore. It centers around the future of the hive blockchain for the next 6-12 months.

Certain things need to be constant during this timeframe:

  • The overall sentiment towards cryptocurrency remains the same or improves.
  • Splinterlands continues to grow at its current rate.

These are the two things we probably need to continue to see an astronomical move in price and development. The future of the blockchain hinges on these two things for now (pending the launch of the SPK network and the growth of the leofinance ecosystem).

This is why my biggest bet for the future of hive is second-layer tokens. Whatever sustainable value that will come to hive in the future has to be the result of the impact of genuine projects and not the pump-and-dump schemes.


The network effect from splinterlands will trickle down to other apps (gaming apps esp). I predict 1.5m to 2m accounts on splinterlands in the next 6months (or even more). Ludicrous? I know it is achievable.

We are going to see some real gaming and NFT craze on hive that will drive the token off the roof! The type we see on other blockchains like ethereum and solana. And God helps us when we reach these heights because things will move faster than most people will expect.

I believe other gaming and social dapps on hive will feed off the success of splinterlands to build their projects. Maybe it will even give leofinance more traction in regards to the launch of project blank.

With the way the blockchain is structured it is quite easy for splinterlands players to become project blank users and vice versa. Plus, let's not forget that leofinance has its legs in the DeFi scheme, which is still very much a craze in the crypto community.

Can you see how everything is linked?

I also think our wildcard will be the SPK network. I think it will bring a lot of value to hive and I am banking on them to do the job. I am still learning more about the project and it is quite fascinating.

With these 3 projects reaching just 50% of their potential we will see price actions that will dwarf yesterday's excitement. This is my prediction for the hive blockchain.


Hive is still very much a social blockchain and we will continue to see communities build on hive--even non-hivie communities. The most valuable component of the hive community is still the community (or should I say communities). As they grow so will the value of the blockchain.

In conclusion, we are still on the verge of seeing hive prices move up rapidly, given the conditions I mentioned above remain the same.

My name is Chinonso Ekpemandu. I am a digital nomad. I create opinion pieces and share my life's journey on a decentralized platform called hive, whilst exploring the digital landscape for opportunities.

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