Sharing my experience at a sushi shop

Hi Hivers,
Yesterday I went to a sushi restaurant with a friend and I thought I should tell you my experience.
So I would like to say that no matter How you love eating Nigerian traditional food or other countries traditional food, eating sushi is always a flavorful, delightful experience. But if you haven’t had much sushi in your life, you may be confused about what you’re supposed to do while eating sushi and be nervous, and not sure how to eat it properly.

it was my first time eating it, I felt a mixture of a sweet, sour taste as I tasted varieties of sushi but somehow it tasted delicious and fresh.

Still, though, eating sushi can be a bit confusing. Should you use chopsticks?
Do you need to dip your sushi in anything? Is it okay to use your hands, if you want? What roll should you try if you’re a beginner?

First things first, there’s no wrong way to eat sushi. Don’t let anyone discourage you from eating it the way you want. The point of eating it is to enjoy your meal and eat something that you find delicious not to impress others.

Naturally, all sushi restaurants are different, so your setup won’t always be the same as the one that I layout below.

sushi shop.jpg


if you’ve got questions, I've got answers. If you are curious about some of the most common ways to eat sushi and the traditions related to sushi consumption, you’re in the right place.

for beginners, I think I’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know and give you some helpful tips and pointers that are sure to help you navigate your first sushi experience.

You will get a plate with your chosen rolls or sushi. You’ll also be given chopsticks, and there will be a bottle of soy sauce on the table – and you may also get an additional plate for any appetizers.

You will typically eat your sushi with chopsticks, though eating with your hands is acceptable. And nobody will look down on you for using a fork, either, if you don’t know how to use chopsticks or don’t feel comfortable doing so, so don’t worry about that.

If you’re going to eat sushi at a restaurant as far as your plate goes, three things will usually be present:

Your sushi rolls
A generous dab of wasabi
Pickled ginger


So, why does sushi come with wasabi and ginger?

The wasabi is similar to horseradish, and it’s extremely potent and spicy but not in the way that hot peppers are spicy. some people for an extra kick mix some of their wasabi in with soy sauce

the Pickled ginger has a very mild taste and a soothing flavor, which can help you get past the burn of the horseradish, and also clears away the flavor from your last sushi roll

I also learned how to eat sushi the traditional way, Here’s what you’ll do!

Receive your plate of sushi from the chef or waitress, but for mine I took it from the moving machine. Put a small amount of soy sauce in a bowl or on your plate.
Dip a piece of sushi into the soy sauce. If you want extra spice, use your chopsticks to “brush” a little bit more wasabi onto the sushi.
Eat the sushi. Smaller pieces like nigiri and sashimi should be eaten in one bite.
Chew the sushi completely, allowing the flavor to coat the inside of your mouth.
I think it might also go along well with people drinking sake.


Take a piece of pickled ginger from your plate and eat it. You can do this in-between each roll, or each bite. This helps clear your palate and removes the lingering flavor of your sushi roll.
Rinse and repeat until you’re too stuffed to move or you run out of sushi!


That’s it! These are the basic rules for eating sushi. Again, you don’t have to follow these rules if you don’t want to. Nobody will judge you for eating sushi your way. it’s fun to follow tradition, especially when eating a dish with a history as long as sushi!

I think Just about any fish can be used in sushi. Common varieties I encountered include salmon and tuna, as well as crab, octopus, and shrimp. However, you may also be able to get more exotic ingredients, like swordfish, eel (a traditional Japanese favorite), and sweetfish. Here are a few of the common types of fish I ate at the restaurant.

Yellowtail,Shrimp,Octopus,Seabass,Mackerel,Salmon,Blue marlin,Swordfish,Trout
Eel,Abalone,Sweetfish,Squid,Clams,Scallop,Sea bream,Halfbeak,Flatfish,
Cockle,Tuna etc.








If you don’t recognize a type of fish or an ingredient in a roll, just ask your server what it is! Some of these ingredients may be referred to by different names, or by their Japanese names.

I think the best sushi for beginners is Unless you eat sashimi (or raw fish) you’ll be eating sushi as a classic roll. This is what I’d recommend for beginners since sashimi only includes slices of raw fish, and nigiri consists of raw fish and rice. Rolls are more approachable, and often available with cooked ingredients.

The first time you try sushi, you’ll probably be excited – but also overwhelmed with your options. Fortunately, however, eating sushi is easy, especially if you follow these tips, and order beginner-friendly rolls.

Even if you don’t think you’ll like raw fish, I encourage you to try sushi at least once. The fish used in sushi is a cut above what you’ll get at most restaurants, with a firm texture and a delicious flavor and you just may surprise yourself, and find out you love the unique, complex, and addictive flavors of sushi.


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