The year 2021, the way I see it.


Hi Hivers,
How are you today? as we get closer to the end of the year, I hope you guys are preparing to meet with the year 2022, as I prepare to meet with the year 2022 as well, before it ends, it gives me the time to reflect on the time I have spent with the year 2021.
2021 has been a long year. Within the years or long months of quarantine, I have also found small things to be grateful for. Personally, for me, I would like to say am thankful for My good health, for the friends and the new once have made, and my being able to learn and study new things. I’ve discovered a lot of things so far.


I am thankful for the creativity I have found in the world now that our doors are closed and our minds are open to new things as a result of the outbreak of the new disease, It is not yet clear whether the infection with omicron causes more severe disease compared to infections with other variants. since most of the time I work from home. this has given me the chance to explore the world of cryptocurrency.


so with that in mind, 2021 is a year I was fully engaged in a hive community. I was welcomed into the community, I'm new and getting to know some educated newbies in the crypto space as well. as you all know, when like-minded individuals meet, there is positive energy.

Although it hasn't been all roses, as I had some wins, some losses.
the year 2021 brought me tears of disappointment, depression, happiness, I fell in and out of love, made some promises and then broke some.
There are hundreds of questions and no answers. But I try to teach myself to live in this moment. which makes me stronger for a lifetime.
I'm grateful for every breath we draw into our lungs. I have learned never again to take the beautiful things in life for granted and to treasure every moment.
Throughout my journey in 2021, my experiences have molded my values and beliefs, and into a person of empathy and resilience. These values have allowed me to reach some of my goals and positively serve my community.
thanks to 2021.
Many times you gave me everything that I needed, but I give you best wishes from my heart today. so Goodbye, 2021!