# It's madness I say! - Splinter Stats Season 54 Report Card



DEC price explodes, SPS airdrop is an overwhelming success and SPT trades for more than DEC these days. It's madness I say! ;)

As for DEC itself, this is what the chart looked like in the past season.... basically it went x5!
Screenshot from 2021-07-31 20-18-56.png

Now, let's have a look on how I coped with all this madness in the last two weeks...

Match Report


Champion Rank43
Rating4642 - Champion II
Rating High4666
Total Rating Movements (+-)8052
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.20 (218/179/2)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.29 (480/364/9)
Tournament Reward Placements22/47
Longest Streak10
Highest Rated Win vs@jacekw (4825)

#43 is a solid ranking! I actually was slightly higher just before the deadline, but thought I'd try my luck with one game to see if I could breach the 4700 barrier. I lost that match, but still was safely in the Top 50. And beating jacekw is always a nice cherry on top! :D

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Owster Rotwell9614.52%56.25%
Camila Sungazer9514.37%49.47%
Yodin Zaku659.83%63.08%
Mylor Crowling558.32%54.55%
Byzantine Kitty436.51%72.09%
Brighton Bloom365.45%72.22%
Selenia Sky334.99%51.52%
Malric Inferno324.84%28.13%
Scarred Llama Mage294.39%58.62%

I clearly had struggles with Malric Inferno...and I didn't even realize that I did! Brighton and Byzantine Kitty have worked out extremely well though, so now complaints from my side. I also managed to get things right again with Owster and Yodin this time around, so I'm happy with this chart.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Tower Griffin13019.67%56.92%
Furious Chicken11116.79%59.46%
Khmer Princess9113.77%60.44%
Tortisian Chief8212.41%53.66%
Crustacean King7711.65%53.25%
Chain Golem7010.59%45.71%
Shadowy Presence639.53%61.90%
Sand Worm629.38%45.16%
Serpentine Spy619.23%52.46%
Kobold Miner609.08%51.67%
Failed Summoner598.93%66.10%
Flame Monkey598.93%52.54%
Skeleton Assassin588.77%60.34%
Living Lava578.62%59.65%
Undead Badger517.72%62.75%
Horny Toad487.26%62.50%
Fiendish Harpy487.26%50.00%
Battering Ram446.66%61.36%
Earth Elemental446.66%59.09%
Cursed Slimeball446.66%63.64%
Spark Pixies436.51%48.84%
Ruler of the Seas406.05%47.50%
Stone Golem395.90%56.41%
Screeching Vulture375.60%54.05%
Swamp Thing334.99%78.79%
Dark Ferryman334.99%45.45%
Dragon Jumper324.84%65.63%
Mermaid Healer324.84%53.13%
Kelp Initiate324.84%46.88%
Sabre Shark314.69%45.16%
Goblin Fireballer314.69%58.06%
Lord of Darkness304.54%73.33%
Elven Defender294.39%44.83%
Parasitic Growth253.78%60.00%
Almo Cambio253.78%52.00%
Pirate Archer253.78%48.00%
Elven Mystic243.63%41.67%
Lone Boatman233.48%56.52%
Flesh Golem223.33%50.00%
Ice Pixie223.33%36.36%
Skeletal Warrior223.33%81.82%
Lord Arianthus223.33%54.55%
Undead Archer223.33%54.55%
The Gorlodon223.33%63.64%
Theorosa Nightshade213.18%52.38%
Exploding Dwarf213.18%52.38%
Gelatinous Cube213.18%66.67%
Beetle Queen213.18%52.38%
Creeping Ooze203.03%50.00%
Spirit of the Forest203.03%45.00%
Silvershield Assassin203.03%65.00%
Angel of Light203.03%50.00%
The Kraken203.03%50.00%
Fire Beetle203.03%75.00%
Child of the Forest203.03%60.00%
Fineas Rage203.03%40.00%
Gloridax Guardian192.87%68.42%
Prismatic Energy182.72%55.56%
Divine Healer182.72%55.56%
Mitica Headhunter182.72%33.33%
Ant Miners182.72%61.11%
Scale Doctor162.42%62.50%
Feasting Seaweed162.42%50.00%
Corrupted Pegasus162.42%75.00%
Phantom Soldier162.42%56.25%
Ferexia General162.42%81.25%
Giant Scorpion152.27%66.67%
Grim Reaper152.27%53.33%
Bone Golem152.27%33.33%
Unicorn Mustang142.12%57.14%
Animated Corpse142.12%50.00%
Sea Monster142.12%57.14%
Fallen Specter142.12%57.14%
Serpentine Mystic142.12%57.14%
Dwarven Wizard131.97%30.77%
Cave Slug131.97%76.92%
Kron the Undying131.97%61.54%
Fire Demon131.97%38.46%
Dark Ha'on131.97%84.62%
Spineback Turtle131.97%38.46%
Goblin Thief121.82%75.00%
Spirit Miner121.82%66.67%
Haunted Spirit121.82%33.33%

All the classics are at the top, but the Chain Golem is surprisingly prominent in the list. I played him more this time around with mixed success, and perhaps should try to instead play more with non-neutral tanks (which are usually a bit stronger as a whole). I'm probably also the only one on the planet with a negative win rate with Ruler of the Seas.... without Alric or Valnemor (I almost typed Voldermort :P) it's just harder to play him I suppose.

Further down the list is a small gem btw: the Swamp Thing. That one has been a huge winner in low mana battles against Mylor Crowling decks in particular! Unfortunately, the max level card probably costs 5 horses and 20 goats to purchase these days though, but perhaps Chaos Legion might bring a worty successor for that one? ;)

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Reverse Speed6451.56%
Healed Out5356.60%
Holy Protection5366.04%
Spreading Fury5152.94%
Heavy Hitters5139.22%
Close Range5058.00%
Explosive Weaponry4860.42%
Noxious Fumes4456.82%
Equal Opportunity4341.86%
Keep Your Distance3953.85%
Super Sneak3961.54%
Odd Ones Out3655.56%
Aim True3568.57%
Lost Legendaries3452.94%
Taking Sides3455.88%
Little League3158.06%
Rise of the Commons3161.29%
Target Practice3060.00%
Even Stevens3063.33%
Weak Magic2958.62%
Fog of War2860.71%
Silenced Summoners2853.57%
Broken Arrows2755.56%
Melee Mayhem2642.31%
Lost Magic2454.17%
Armored Up2339.13%
Back to Basics2352.17%
Up Close & Personal2065.00%

I seem to perform similarly good with all rulesets these days, except for Heavy Hitters. Perhaps I should take more advantage of Stun and align my knockouters with the actual monster that I've been stunning, instead of freely mixing sneak, snipe, opportunity and such ;).

Tournaments Report


TournamentLeagueEditionsPlacement/#entrantsRatio (Win/Loss+Draw)Prize
GOLDEN RULE- SILVERSilverOpen27/801.10 (11/9/1)1500 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen31/1281.33 (12/9/0)1900 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen31/1281.33 (12/9/0)1900 DEC
UNTAMED SHINY PATHGoldUD17/571.50 (12/8/0)1000 DEC
THE WEALTHY GAMBITDiamondOpen30/550.67 (4/6/0)10000 DEC
GOLD ENCASED DIAMONDSDiamondOpen10/562.33 (14/6/0)24000 DEC
THE SHINY PATHGoldOpen26/590.82 (9/11/0)5500 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen43/2041.44 (13/9/0)450 DEC
THE UNTAMED WEALTHY GAMBITDiamondUD17/521.57 (11/6/1)2000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen31/641.50 (6/4/0)4500 DEC
UNTAMED SHINY PATHGoldUD26/540.73 (8/10/1)1000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen13/721.71 (12/7/0)9000 DEC
LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONSDiamondOpen11/631.57 (11/7/0)9000 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen39/2101.63 (13/8/0)450 DEC
ALL THE POINTY THINGSGoldOpen48/2040.83 (10/12/0)450 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen22/1271.86 (13/7/0)1900 DEC
DIAMONDS TO THE VICTORDiamondOpen27/1051.00 (10/9/1)1900 DEC
UNTAMED GOLD ENCASED DIAMONDSDiamondUD6/494.67 (14/3/0)10000 DEC
THE WEALTHY GAMBITDiamondOpen25/460.83 (5/6/0)10000 DEC
GOLD ENCASED DIAMONDSDiamondOpen21/561.22 (11/9/0)6000 DEC
THE SHINY PATHGoldOpen23/581.00 (10/10/0)5500 DEC
THE UNTAMED WEALTHY GAMBITDiamondUD5/453.75 (15/4/0)13000 DEC



With a whopping 3 Top 10 rankings and a Top 5 ranking I can't help but think that perhaps a few too many players where more focused on their SPS stacks than the actual game... ;). But that being said I bombed a Wealthy Gambit by finishing 30th (I was lucky to win anything there) and I also ended outside of the prizes for several smaller tournaments due to a few Hive bugs.

But after switching my Hive node to roelandp.net it all worked more smoothly for me at least, and I believe that those network issues are now all resolved! Overall it was a long season with many tournaments, and a pretty impressive DEC haul!

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard1114990
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold1500

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions2822502000
Alchemy Potions5019693450
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)80321125490

Leaderboard Prizes

20000 DEC

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
82332 DEC

Two legendaries and a Golden common, so I'm pretty pleased there. Actually, with these insane prices even just winning a few commons and rares feels like an epic victory!

Rental Report

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue245.394 (12.262)

I've let a few cards, and got a bit of DEC. I like the system a lot, so I'll try to let a few more cards this season to see if I can increase the income slightly.

The price explosion was sudden and at least caught me very much by surprise. But for me it has been a reason to slim down my card assets a little bit, and prepare a little bit for when Chaos Legion gets released.

In general, some of the DEC, SPS etc. ended up in a range of liquidity pools at https://cubdefi.com (which is quietly becoming superior to its competitors) while some of it also ended up in https://dcity.io cards and a few new miners here and there (e.g. the @liotes LENM ones and a bit of @archon-gov ARCHONM). I think it's only healthy to diversify a little bit in these high times, and at the same time I am also very happy for the Splinterlands team and all the players that the game has finally been hitting the spotlight!

I wish you all well in the coming season, and don't forget: whenever your combat meter is at 100% you'll be losing out on precious gaming DEC, so keep those battles going! ;)

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@notaboutme SPS Report

Hello. Testing the new SPS Airdrop table. This should show all amounts claimed by your account, regardless of where your assets where are held. The Staking Rewards should begin showing in Season 55's report.

TypeAmount Claimed
Staking Rewards0

Thanks for using the SplinterStats Season Report Card 👍


Ah, well done on that one!! I think this will become particularly interesting once SPS is awarded in battles and tournaments :).

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