Battle Scan Silver League: Vera VS Obsidian

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Dear Splinter's warriors, Happy 5th anniversary to everyone.

I hope you have spent a great productive day.

My presentation will show how to take part in the event of the 5th anniversary of Splinterlands. You can burn DEC or DEC-B to qualify for so many interesting prizes.


The event is launched and will cover a period of thirty days. Your participation is welcome dear Splinters. How small your contribution to the burning mechanism of DEC or DEC-B your guild will benefit in Guild Power

I have put in the following illustration small steps to complete the process smoothly.

No matter how small your token is in your wallet you can only win when you contribute to the 5th-anniversary event on Splinterlands.
Official publication about the Event on Splinterlands

I have personally made a contribution of around 100k DEC to the event and ranked at the time of the burning process 131st position, but larger players have already quicked me out of the leaderboard.

Also, I have a battle in the Silver I league, I can't wait to share it with you considering how interesting the battle was.


On the battlefield, Vera fought against Obsidian at a similar level on both sides of the board. It was the kind of battle where all warriors are from the same element "magic".

I knew that Obsidian had the advantage to boost the magic power of his teammate, but my magic team was ready to heal and void any magical strike from the opponent.

My strategy held my team strong on the board due to "triage" and special "void" abilities. Spirit Hoarder and Djinn Oshannus did a terrific job in the arena. Protecting and healing teammates is the key factor in the victory of my team against a powerful magic team led by Obsidian.

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Warm regards

==Disclaimer:== This Article's purpose is only educational and has no intention to make fun of any players of Splinterlands in the community. My publications relay valid information based on my personal experiences for your edutainment.

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