Today Chelsea will be facing the champions Liverpool. While watching them train yesterday I could see Thiago silver training with the team. It seems he is fit for the game with Liverpool, it is indeed a Good news but I would like Christensen to start against Liverpool. Then Thiago can come in after that. Though Christensen stepped up his game, we didn't even felt the absence of the captain fantastic. Welcome back Thiago. I know he has come back with full force. No need to wait for press conference for I already know Tuchel will play Thiago.

But I have noticed that Tomas Tuchel sidelines Zauma for Rudigier and I begin to ask myself the reasons why. This morning I and my friends where into some discussions and we argued the reason he chose to play Rudigier and put Zauma on the bench, some of them was on the opinion that Zouma doesn't have football sense. that He carries opponents canter attacks from the midfield to the 18 yard box. While some agreed that, Zouma is 100% better than Rudiger in aspect of football sense, some said it is because of the coaching aspect, that The coach is a German and Rudiger is also a German so that is the reason.

For me rudiger is more comfortable with ball compare to zouma and currently Chelsea is a possession team hence they need people who are comfortably enjoying the ball, not those that will take them backward. Not only that, Rudiger is better than zouma, sometimes zouma makes a lot of mistakes or rather unnecessary mistakes as compared to rudiger the coach knows the qualities.for Each player the coach knows who is the best. And can serve him better zouma can go back to training I mean intense one.

Before I drop down my pen, let me do some predictions on the games coming up this week. , Manchester vs Crystal Palace 2-1. Chelsea vs Liverpool 2-2. I have said mind it’s your turn predict yours let’s see how it goes. UP MANCHESTER UNITED for life.