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CTP Tips
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Author reward: 7.874 CTP for obrisgold1/manchester-united-gon-down-are-they-still-on-the-title-race
Author reward: 6.878 CTP for obrisgold1/the-return-of-pogba-mufc-quater-finals-done-and-dusted
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for obrisgold1/qq64np
Author reward: 24.438 CTP for obrisgold1/ngolo-breaks-and-sets-new-ucl-record
Author reward: 4.101 CTP for obrisgold1/let-the-staking-continew-no-stoping
Author reward: 10.862 CTP for obrisgold1/manchester-united-1-1-ac-milan-harry-why
Author reward: 3.129 CTP for obrisgold1/happy-birthday-to-legendary-legends-hbd-chelsea-fc
Author reward: 10.188 CTP for obrisgold1/chelsea-at-it-again-10-games-unbeaten
Author reward: 9.098 CTP for obrisgold1/ole-breaks-another-epl-record
Author reward: 4.874 CTP for obrisgold1/what-a-win-for-chelsea-fc
Author reward: 12.006 CTP for obrisgold1/should-he-go-or-stay
Author reward: 13.149 CTP for obrisgold1/chelsea-vs-liverpool-clash
Author reward: 4.124 CTP for obrisgold1/a-keeper-with-the-golden-gloves
Author reward: 5.237 CTP for obrisgold1/narrow-escape-for-manchester-united
Author reward: 6.717 CTP for obrisgold1/vote-your-number-one-keeper
Author reward: 19.826 CTP for obrisgold1/man-u-in-pursuit-of-the-trophy
Author reward: 3.485 CTP for obrisgold1/united-s-victory-against-real-sociedad
Author reward: 3.602 CTP for obrisgold1/latest-from-the-world-of-sport
Author reward: 4.85 CTP for obrisgold1/maguire-insist-they-are-still-on-the-title-race
Author reward: 3.993 CTP for obrisgold1/psg-beat-barcelona-as-liver-pool-trash-rb-leipzig
Author reward: 2.366 CTP for obrisgold1/a-woman-of-substance
Author reward: 6.599 CTP for obrisgold1/the-world-of-sport
Author reward: 0.223 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-7rq2ld
Author reward: 4.134 CTP for obrisgold1/the-next-champions
Author reward: 3.129 CTP for obrisgold1/is-tuchel-on-the-right-track
Author reward: 0.219 CTP for obrisgold1/re-crownbee-6gzjn8
Author reward: 0.234 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-4ce1xi
Author reward: 0.229 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-5taeq3
Author reward: 0.194 CTP for obrisgold1/re-evegrace-53awvr
Author reward: 0.231 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-3sninp
Author reward: 0.233 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-iw1av
Author reward: 0.191 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-3cpgqm
Author reward: 2.052 CTP for obrisgold1/bad-ending-man-utd-3-3-everton
Author reward: 9.221 CTP for obrisgold1/digi-tech-war-in-nigeria
Transferred 237.022 CTP to gracefieldhub exchange
Author reward: 2.178 CTP for obrisgold1/full-time-at-white-hart-lane-m-tottenham-0-1-chelsea
Author reward: 6.641 CTP for obrisgold1/sports-token-risen-up-to-the-moon
Author reward: 12.817 CTP for obrisgold1/full-time-9-0-keep-the-fire-burning
Author reward: 7.664 CTP for obrisgold1/cavani-s-last-minute-loss
Author reward: 0.283 CTP for obrisgold1/re-uyobong-5r5dgx
Author reward: 0.012 CTP for obrisgold1/re-flaxz-qni24q
Author reward: 11.489 CTP for obrisgold1/my-second-onboarding-and-delegating-experience-using-beta-leo-newbie-on-board
Author reward: 0.013 CTP for obrisgold1/re-flaxz-qn4pi3
Author reward: 14.429 CTP for obrisgold1/poverty-and-mental-illness
Received 0.001 CTP from he-indexrewards