Forgotten spirit

The loud noises and rib tickling laughter from different directions was the only thing heard up and down in the village of kukwa. The firewood was chopped with the axe equally by Anita and she sees it as some sort of training for her dream she always wanted to achieve.

Anita was a young orphan who was raised by her friend's mom in the village of kukwa. Anita was known to be a beautiful maiden which always made her friend's mom angry and ended up maltreating her because everyone kept on singing praises about her beauty but never talked about her friend Rita.

Rita was known to be rude,saucy and I'll mannered girl. She never cared about anyone or their feelings although she was beautiful but everyone despised her a lot and never prayed to cross her path.

The village was known to have many warriors and soothsayers,when any of those men dies,they become a spirit and have a star which indicates that they are not forgotten and if they are forgotten the star fades away and they are gone forever.

Anita wished to be a warrior and have been secretly practising but when she tells anyone about her desire to be a warrior, she was always mocked and insulted saying that the post are not for females,only makes and besides females are meant to be the one doing petty works

When Anita was secretly practising,Rita saw her and because her heart was filled with hatred for Anita,she went to call her mom and all the villagers saying that Anita doesn't do the necessary female duties but was mainly concerned about the fact that she wanted to become a warrior to win the prince's heart. They all trooped in one after the other to view what Anita was doing. Within the twinkle of an eye,Anita's house was filled with crowds of people and one of the nasty villagers went ahead to inform the king.

Rita and her mom switch the mind's of the people to have bad wishes about Anita and all sorts of questions were heard from different angles directed to her and her character and were about to be stoned as her punishment. Fortunately for her ,the prince stopped them and the villagers said to themselves saying 'she has bewitched the prince and Anita was about to be killed'. The prince got angry and shouted at them and went to meet his father if he wanted to say something but unfortunately, the king said the villagers were right and ordered Anita to be imprisoned and should be killed after the festival of remembrance for the stars.

The prince got very annoyed and ordered the guards to stop and started explaining things.

If she chooses to be a warrior it is none of our business because she owns her life and has never asked for our opinion. It's her desire to be a warrior and not just a female doing house chores but a great female, she wants the best for herself and the village without any bad intentions, she wants to be the first female warrior in the land. It's her wish and choice not ours to decide. She's trying to make herself useful for the village not only in the family alone and therefore should be permitted to join the warrior. The king and the villagers had no choice than to accept but Rita and her mom felt ashamed and disgraced and they went in as Anita followed the king to the palace to start training.

Finally, Anita became a skillful warrior and the prince loved her dedication and made her his personal guard but will still be under the royals as a warrior. Everyone loved her and sang her praises, Rita and her mom began to plan to kill Anita so her daughter Rita could get the praise.


Unfortunately, an enmity occurred between the two neighbouring villages which was caused by the members of the other village. Kukwa was affected and the neighbouring village asked for assistance from , and they agreed and sent most of their warriors not knowing it was a plan because their warriors were very strong to try and get into the village. It was not easy, so they used that opportunity to strike at kukwa killing so many people, children, adult of different ages without pity.

The news got to Anita and she got very upset and went up to meet the terrified king to volunteer to fight this ingrates and the king replied;" we have no more warrior, you are the only one left. Are you sure you can fight them with boldness? She said yes and was permitted."

Anita killed a lot of these people,she called ingrates and people were surprised that a female could kill the criminals faster than men. The fight lasted for five days and fortunately,Anita defeated all her opponents but sustained several injuries in the case of the war for five days. She was rushed to the place where she could get treated,she fought for her life just to tell the village and prince never to forget all she had done for them and she finally died. As the star shone the brightest among all stars and was always remembered and prayed for which made her star shine bright. Rita and her mom were happy because Rita loved to marry the prince as a condolence to Anita's sister.

Some years later, Anita's star began to get dull because Rita managed to turn the heart of everyone against Anita's bravery after she got married to the prince.

A day came, A strange man was sent on an errand to kukwa on behalf of Anita because her star would soon fade away and no history of her would be recorded. But no one listened because of the non-stop pressure from Rita. Instead the man was sent away.

The land of kukwa began to face unending challenges such as drought,famine,strange illness and loss of pregnancies from the women. It was their punishment by Anita because they forgot her.

The king was not left out ,he also suffered a great illness caused by Rita wit the aid of "vodoo", the spirit of protection was taken away and the king realised that. In his dying state, he called the villagers attention to it and asked them to make some sacrifice and plea for mercy from Anita which they all gladly did and Rita was exposed for her crimes and she was killed and was made sacrifice to Anita. The sacrifice was accepted with a condition which was the villagers should never forget the stars who fought for them in their time of troubles. And forever remembered with a festival every year so that the spirit would be remembered and their stars could shine bright. All thanks to Anita the once forgotten spirit.