Crytocurrency contributing both negative and positive impacts to the life of investors


Crytocurrency has been contributing both positive and negative to the life of investors. They are been experiencing many changes in market often and often. so it is not easy for them to predict if the prices is going to last or not. The prices of crytocurrency has been dynamic even the analyst of crytocurrency cannot make 100% accurate how the market will look like in next two months.

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Since January 2022 to this present moment, a lot of changes as occur which really affected the investors especially when the prices of crytocurrency dropped. Like Bitcoin and ethereum which really affected many investors. many investors loss a huge amount of money. Some of them were not even happy because the prices falling. Some of them are afraid to put their hard earn to reinvest again because of bearish in price.

In the other hand, crytocurrency change a life of many investors during the time of rising in price because they make a lot of money everyday. The more , the crytocurrency rise , the more the investors earning money for it. I believe that, crytocurrency will still put a smiling back to the face of investors because things will turn into good one day. That is the day many investors have been waiting for.

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To me, I believe that, there is a time of everything. Investors should be expecting both positive and negative in time of investment because all days cannot be the same in market . So crytocurrency changes many investors life from poor to rich and from rich to poor. If you planning to invest in cryptocurrency , you must be expecting both positive and negative effect impact of crytocurrency.