Harvest time!! finally harvest my maize while I leave others to fully matured

It has been a yearly routine for me to plant maize.
Planting maize is still one of the easiest farming practices for me. Maize plantation can be managed even at a smallest cost compared to other crops and even though it comes with dangerous risks, i still find a way to make a successful maize farming.

  • Its the harvest time and this is definitely the most exciting moment for every farmers. I feel fulfilled and pretty much excited after so many resources which include money labor and time had been put in this maize plantation i can harvest even though they are less than what i expected but they are still not bad after four months of planting.




I'm not harvesting the whole maize just yet, just a part and the main reason of doing so is too make some feed for my poultry birds using the dried maize.
I have friends and family who had come around to help out in the harvesting process, we decided to remove the shafts from maize and sun dried them, the maize are a bit much so i have given out and shared some with neighbors and friends and especially with those who had come around to help while i also ate some myself.



These are the remaining parts of the land where I'm yet to harvest, because they are not matured well enough and I've to be careful and patient so that i won't waste the remaining.


To avoid littering the ground, i did gather the shafts from the maize to use it feed some herbivores especially goats around the garden.

Note that, the pictures used in this post are my property snapped with Samsunh S7 edge.