Make someone feel special

Hello hovers, good day, how have we been, compliments of the season, so am just going to blab ( lolzzz) , so yesterday I did something interesting, it was an emotional day for me though, but I had to brighten up my mood, so I decided to make some calls, by calling few friends and family members I have not called, even uncle's, and sincerely it was fun, although with some lessons,
So the person I spoke with are persons I have not spoken with for months ( long months), while some blamed me for being the reason t they dont call ( bcos I don't call as supposed), other we laughed things out, but tow persons really made me think yesterday, so there I this uncle I called and in my innocent mind I just want to call this man of God and greet him oooo, this man taught I was calling for Christmas gift in his words " this one you have not called me since January and you are now calling me, hope is not for Christmas" although it sounded funny but sincerely that is the mindset of some people when you call them, not everyone is calling you to ask, some are just calling to show care,
Another person I called was a long time friend Nancy, I Had not reached out to her for long, because I felt she is supposed to, but I just felt I should call yesterday and after speaking with her, I felt guilty, she has really been through alot, and. Here I was getting angry that I was not called. I'm all I felt love, I felt happiness that I have to link up with old friends and we had our little gossips tooooo, lolzzz
It's the season of Love ( does love really have a season "rhetorical") well, Sha make that call and have fun while at it, xoxo