Taking charge of your thoughts (psalm 16:6) " lines are fallen into me in pleasant places, yes I have a. Godly heritage

Sometimes we have situations that makes us feel we are either loved or hated by a particular persons, friends, family, parents etc. And often times we have come to this conclusion as a result of our thoughts ( after having a thought of how we are being treated, we then come to this conclusion) thought is very powerful, the bible makes us to understand that our thoughts can come based on our own reasoning, or either from our environment, persons, etc.
The bible also shows us that Satan can plant thoughts in our hearts and also God send his thoughts too.
The human body is a spirit, that's. Why when a person dies, the real person (spirit) leaves and the empty body remains
The bible gives us the description of thee spirit of God, the human spirit, demonic spirit and spiritual language, and encourages us never to be carried away by thoughts that are vain and does not glorify God
You are a spirit, you. Lives in a body and God communicates with your spirit. You can't know God from your mind,the word of God is revelation, he reveals himself through his word and he reveals himself to your spirit.
Romans10:10 "with the heart , man believes unto righteousness" God's word is God's information,and is built on assurance and perfect, so we can boldly confess" I believe in Jesus Christ, I have the eternal life in my spirit".
Sometimes we ask why the little miracle, we asking for ,we don't get it while other fellows do,and you question God sometimes or loose faith in miracles ( oh miracles still happens),psalm 16vs 6 says " lines are fallen into me in pleasant places, ye are Godly heritage" always have this in your thoughts. It means you can't fail, it means you have lost the capacity to fail, you have a Godly heritage (glory!!!!!), Carry yourself and your thoughts in this might. Let this words control your thoughts and don't keep asking yourself"God when?" Rather call it forth and speak it into existence.
When faced with difficulty, keep proclaiming the word of God " lines falls into me in pleasant places" keep living in the consciousness of the word of God
The difference between a complaining christian and a complying christian, is simple, while the other is complaining the other is working and proclaiming the word of God ( remember God needs you blessed for others to be. Blessed ) he said " above all things I wish that ye prosper just as your soul prospereth"keep proclaiming the word. Of God into reality and soon it starts manifesting.c control your thoughts with the word of God, see the future (oh it. Is bright, alleluia), the C.E.V bible version give us. a clearer understanding of psalm 16:6 "you make my life pleasant and my future is bright" glory!!!!!! If you know this then you have no reason worrying, keep faith alive and. Keep working on that project and any good agenda you have , keep proclaiming " my life is pleasant" keep the word of God constantly alive in your words and thoughts, give no room for negative thoughts, personalize the word of God ,keep saying " I am a success, my future is bright" always know that it is too late to back down , jeep proclaiming the word of God and let the word of God constantly be in your thoughts as you go on that business trip, as you face that massive and challenging project, personalize the word of God, you don't sob the word of God, you call and decree it into existence, the moment you make that confession from your spirit, everything lines up with your confessions glory!!!!!!!!
Romans 10:11, " thou will show me the path of life, in thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures forever" amazing!!!!!!
That negative situation at a time has nothing to do with the stage of your life, it has nothing to do with the stage of your spirit, the bible says" out of your heart are the issues of life " which means from your heart Is were the financial victory comes from, it is were everything that you require in life come from.
Therefore , recondition your spirit, to deliver to you all the necessities of life they you want . The bible says , whatsoever you ask of the father in my name that will I do, that the father might be glorified. Keyword (ANYTHING), 2022 is so beautiful for me , glorryyyyy