In the memoirs of NIETZSCHE


Friedrich Nietzsche, circa 1875, source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, Author: Friedrich Hartmann

In this opportunity I share the philosophy of the history as the position of Nietzsche, since it us shows to the man as the one that has no interest on the essential of the history as part of the humanity, it shows it as the past and the present must be assumed of the same way, as part of his alone ambience of the framed existence by a real knowledge, but with incentive little to the historical interest.

According to Vernal (1987): This way there appears the need to think the history from the ecstatic ambience of the life, trying to overcome what in the first moment was presenting itself as a simple contrast. This is what tries Nietzche on having distinguished three ways of relation of the existence with the history: the monumental one, the antiquary and the critique, the powerful one, that tries something only needs paradoxically from models, but not from models that are equal, that in an immediate sense, but they show the same attitude ecstatically, of exit of if or rather, that, on having showed the ecstatic thing, show in it the presence of the same.

Bibliographical Reference

The critique of the metaphysics in Nietzsche for Juan Luis Vernal, 1987.