The mindset you bring to Hive makes Hive worthy

To those whom I have onboarded. You know who you are.

This is a post to encourage you to be a worthy Hive user, all you new Hivers. Especially to my friend who is becoming stressful with Hive activities. This is for you.

There are many reasons why you come into Hive, and many reasons why you stay. No matter what those reasons are, I hope you have a good time here.

Let me first explain what you should not chase. You should not chase post rewards. This is something that is uncontrollable. It is a toxic mindset especially if you are in a hurry to earn fat rewards. Don't have that kind of expectations. Just let the post rewards come as they are.

Neither is the perfection of posts something you should aim for. Perfection as in formatting, ideas, delivery. Those are going to make your time here stressful. Instead, just enjoy writing, if you will. So long as you run foul with plagiarism, write anything that you fancy.

By now, you should get the gist. Be gentle with yourself.

The mindset you bring to Hive makes Hive worthy. If you are gentle with yourself, others will be gentle with themselves. We will all let the goodness of being human come forth. Then Hive will be truly worthy.

The kind of votes you are getting sometimes has nothing to do with the quality of post you contributed. Those who voted may not have even read it, but the votes still came through due to curation trails. I hope you can appreciate that such things are uncontrollable.

Just spread your wings, and do the natural things.

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Thanks Onboarder, I'll take that as a good advise, even tough I wasn't onboarded by you. It can feel overwhelming to do the first steps here. But sure you'll be rewarded for it 😊


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