Want Web3 Socials? Hive was launched 3 year ago! We already have a sizeable adoption.

Every now and then we see new web3 socials popping up.

Hive do not fear competition.

But the reality that Hive was launched way back in March 2020 needs to be known to would-be web3 social users. We have a responsibility to let people know about Hive!

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For a fuller story of how Hive started, check out the following:

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You must consider Hive first.

Here is the no nonsense message to those interested in using Web3 socials.

  • You can post blog entries on Hive and earn Hive tokens plus a bunch of layer 2 tokens
  • The value you gain from your posts does not come directly from a donation of sorts, but from the Hive blockchain's distribution of Hive after 7 days
  • You don't need to buy Hive to begin using Hive to earn. The community will help you.
  • If you do want to buy Hive and stake it, your upvoting of others' posts will gain you more new Hive.
  • Transactions on Hive are fee-less.
  • Transactions on Hive are fast, and feels like web2. Watch its 3 seconds transactions.
  • Hive is more than a social blogging platform, it ALREADY has DEXes, NFTs, games, etc.
  • It even have microblogging. Check out Threads.

Most importantly, we already have a strong user-base. There are many interest-based communities that you can jump right into. For instance, people discuss crypto investments and news actively on Leo Finance.

Screenshot 20230317 at 4.02.03 AM.png

Afterall, Hive was launched 3 year ago! We already have a sizeable adoption.

Why won't you consider Hive ahead of other new Web3 Socials?

Join Hive today!

P/S: Hivers, please help to share this on Twitter, Facebook, etc...

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hi hive, i remember my uncle have bees when i little . 🔆