Crypto Market Bloodbath Continues, How Long Will This Crypto Winter Last?

The Crypto Market Bloodbath continues as the markets keep on falling like it is in a free fall, the question here is how much longer is this Crypto Winter or Bloodbath going to last? we are already about 6 to 7 months into the bear market since the all-time high of Bitcoin last year and I'm afraid that it will or might last much longer than any of us expected or can predict, I have noticed that no Crypto Twitter no one is predicting the bottom or asking when bull anymore, most people have sold off at huge losses because they could not take it anymore instead of them to be accumulating more position and taking advantage of the cheap prices available right now. I think that only the most devoted traders and more experienced traders are willing to stay and are stacking up their portfolios.

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Honestly, I do not blame those that are emotional right now because it is not easy seeing the market go down like this and their money falling fast, maybe they sold off to protect their mental health and state of mind though, although I won't sell off my coins because I am a big fan of HODLing and I trade too, but I have been doing more of stacking up than trading these days, and no one can tell you what and how to handle your money, all I can say is we should all stay safe, stay sane, stay strong and we will survive, these dips are just the movements of a bear market and it won't last forever. And for those of us losing money in spots trading and still holding we understand that until you close the trade you have not lost anything and even if you do, always remember this if you made it once before you can make it again. But if it is all getting too intense for you to handle and you don't want to sell to stop the pain that you are feeling right now, then get away from the charts. Talk to friends, go for a walk, see a movie, or do something fun that will ease your mind and distract you from thinking about the crypto market crash.

At this point, if we are all being truthful to ourselves, no one knows how low Bitcoin will actually go before we will see a reversal, whether it will be this currently $20k or the December 2017 all-time high at $19k or even lower before it will eventually reverse, but the only thing we are sure is that it will reverse someday, nobody knows when don't let anyone lie to you. As for the altcoins, not all of them will make it back both those with utility and the ones without utility, especially the ones without utility, no one also knows which one will remain down and the ones that will bounce back. Crypto is hard to predict right now with the extreme fear in the market. This is going to be a scary time to be a new investor as the market keeps dipping more and more, the best thing you can do is not to make emotionally based decisions it won't end well, trade wisely if must but it is best you just accumulate wait for the next bull run.


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$13500 BTC would be 80% down from the ATH.

I stopped DCA on the run up in 2021. Because my non-crypto friends and family members who have no idea before the run up, all of the sudden are all asking. Some even want to mortgage the house and go all in when Elon and Michael Saylor were pumping and when BTC hit about $55k, which I advised against.

This brings back memories from the old investment days when taxi drivers are giving you financial advice, it's time to sell., financial crisis, all the same. When it is too good to be true it usually is. When everyone is a trading guru time to get the f out. When no one wants to touch it while it continues to fall, it's bottoming.

I am back on DCA. Although I think BTC could go down a lot more, no one can catch the absolute bottom.