Important Roles of an Organization Manager - ROUTE TO MARKET COMMERCIAL TERRITORY


Hello beautiful family. Trust you are doing awesome today. So i'll like to share with us some things are learnt sometimes ago about things needed to be known as a manager in an organization be ut in the sales sector, the marketing sector, the commercial sector and so many other sectors in organizations.


So first of all, you need to know the purpose of your job so as to be relevant and do exceedingly and even much more than your colleagues.

Organization and Leading

You must understand your role as a manager in that organization as you are the one in charge and responsible for leading others, be it merchandizers, presellers and all that has been put under your care. You need to make sure they are duly organized because on the long run, they will report to you and you will be the one to stand in for them at the panel.

Deliver Sales Targets

You should always make sure that your sales targets are completed and delivered to the right channels successfully. Make sure these deliveries are inline with the company codes so that you will not be implicated negatively in any area.

Distributor Standards Contol

As a manager, you are expected to be accountable to whatever duty you have been asked to do. You are and should be accountable for controlling and also monitiring the distributors standards and procedures. This will alsi make you build trust and earn the respect of your colleagues and even your boss(es).

Commercial Performance

Still talking about accountablity, you should be responsible for managing the company's asset and accountable for the commercial performance of your sector and even of the organization as a whole. The presellers and merchandizerd and even store keepers, everyone reporting directlg to you should see you as capable and competent and not just someone working to get paid.

There are many more roles and duties a giid manger should be accountable for but I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to make you understand some key points to be successful in your endeavours as an organization manager and give you a smooth route to taking territories in the commercial market.


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With your post, it make me feel how to be an organization manager means and the work on them

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