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Author reward: 11.765 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-passion-for-fog
Author reward: 1.649 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-present-and-future
Author reward: 10.902 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-restoration-of-a
Author reward: 10.736 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-trunks-and-branches
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for oscarps/re-aliveandthriving-2023116t20014655z
Author reward: 0.839 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-mountain-road-caceres
Author reward: 10.169 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-night-falls-in
Author reward: 10.469 CTP for oscarps/photo-edits-oscarps-first-publication-in-liketu-looking-for-a-reflection
Author reward: 0.598 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-abstract-lights
Author reward: 10.206 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-a-movie-ride
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 271607051, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1673400720000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "c26ec207fc17bec6591e8aeeac4c83c268903657", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 9.374 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-with-the-turn
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 271152093, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1673184330000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "905cca2d1d2c2933c24d41aa2410ddc63ad6a3f1", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 9.916 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-sunrise-in-the
Author reward: 6.829 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-last-publication-of
Author reward: 10.043 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-corners-of-the
Author reward: 9.648 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-winter-gold-stars
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 269591466, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1672405311000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "b35c608d438c99a9140a636077da4aab81e3469d", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 0.667 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-play-with-focus
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 269216790, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1672214127000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "d969d519522df672f06b30a0e32a9d867fab7bf7", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 269061664, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1672142007000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "dd9f1c5260b1e0a133c9f9fb7b31c677061bbb05", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 0.949 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-photography-under-rain
Author reward: 9.667 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-cool-tone-editing
Author reward: 10.049 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-i-dream-in
Author reward: 9.238 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-the-star-that
Author reward: 0.627 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-christmas-and-details
Author reward: 2.595 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-night-at-the
Author reward: 9.018 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-game-of-thrones
Author reward: 9.552 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-i-fell-in
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 267679226, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1671471117000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "dfafd36dd537a9fdd427262e2e942d03b85f506a", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 12.399 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-fingers-in-the
Author reward: 9.911 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-bethlehem-of-jesus
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 267459094, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1671359334000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "044d8d4681abc119aa2c1bdbee72367856a2ab53", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 8.975 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-north-and-rain
Author reward: 9.942 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-searching-the-way
Author reward: 0.722 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-rainy-night-in
Author reward: 9.231 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-water-and-abstract
Author reward: 9.579 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-space-and-time
Author reward: 8.765 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-accused-stations
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 266298668, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1670785923000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "d35cd8e4bad119f15ef577f867121e92dff611ed", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 0.678 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-meeting-in-extremadura
Author reward: 8.751 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-childhood-in-the
Author reward: 8.651 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-cantabrian-sea
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 265869501, "int_amount": 1235, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1670580357000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "d858694ba2274a25bfde63a094c1038c8980cc87", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 8.882 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-moving-in-yellow
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 265521189, "int_amount": 1234, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1670414442000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "d98a08374fac9290d2d9132afa7604bfb0ad7b2a", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 0.49 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-glass-effect-with
{ "account": "oscarps", "id": 265371664, "int_amount": 1234, "precision": 3, "timestamp": 1670342322000, "token": "CTP", "trx": "fe82be154cddbf202af460be92e3f261485368b5", "type": "mining_reward", "is_scot": true }
Author reward: 0.368 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-a-cold-entry
Author reward: 9.288 CTP for oscarps/photoedits-oscarps-perched-at-the
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