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An insider tip how to reach the famous Elevador de Santa Justa (without paying for it) by @akida


Thanks for sharing this insider tip. I didn't visit Lisbon yet but would like to go sometime and this looks like a great place for views over the city without paying a high fee.

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Excited For New Mints Promo Card For Sps Stakers by @luckyali


It's great to see such proposals that actually favor SPS stakers. I believe this is the way to go to give more value to the token and encourage SPS holders.

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Splinterlands Diary 25.01.23 - Big Fire Trouble in a Little League by @drunksamurai


That ANTOID PLATOON played a great role in the second battle... With a shield and a bit of armor, it stopped most of attacks... I would say that it was a key to success in that one...
Thanks for sharing these battles!

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From Centralized to Decentralized: The Evolution of Governance through DAOs by @valchiz


I wouldn't say that DAO is perfect as it is at the moment, but it's definitely better than traditional organizations... It has flaws like you mentioned, but the biggest concern is the 51% attack, or a bad governance token distribution (sometimes on purpose, just to keep control)...
Thanks for this short explanation of DAOs!

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