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Rabat Capital of the Kingdom of Morocco by @booboohabibi


Thanks for sharing your beautiful city with us! I have never been to Marocco, but I hope I will have a chance to do it... Until then, please be free to share these great photos from your country!

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Splinterlands Soars as GameFi Rebounds by @idiosyncratic1


At a time I was pretty worried about Splinterlands but I have the feeling that the managed to turn things around and the new additions to the game seem positive to me. If SL and other lead games do well, it has a multiplicator effect on other games, market places and third party sites that can lead to exponentiell growth of gamefi.

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How Bot Farms Could Respond to Soulbound Rewards and Inflate DEC by @crootin


This is an interesting possible exploit by Bot Farmers in guilds. Would they really earn enough by participating in guilds to make it worthwhile though?

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PowerUp 💪 February - Focusing on Building this Year by @forykw


Congratulations on 1 year of donating HP to others!!!
Btw. I share your opinion regarding HIVE that we shouldn't have (too many) bad surprises this year... As a matter of fact, I have a feeling that we will hover around $0.5 as a "future bottom"... But, we will see...

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