Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for July 18th

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African animals in our area. by @papilloncharity


I was wondering how the heck did you do those photos until I saw that you were cheating... :) Just kidding... It's nice to see that these animals still can survive in the wild despite humans' bad behavior...
Thanks for sharing!

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OPINION: Central banking charlatans by @forexbrokr


In the first place, I thought that they KNOW what they are doing, but not doing what is right always... I thought that sometimes it's not "popular" to do drastic moves in fiscal policy, as they will lose popularity or paycheck...
But recently, after the money printing, I think that they have no idea what they are doing at all... Nobody will save us, but us ourselves... Protect your wealth and take care of your closest ones! Bankers will find a way to protect them... I don't doubt it!

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The (NEW) Beginner Guide to dCity Investment Game by @ecoinstant


dCity is a very complex game and every additional tutorial, with tips and tricks is very helpful for new players, but also for old ones, too!

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Discovering the Leaderboard in the Ecency App by @mypathtofire


I didn't know that there is a leaderboard, but it's definitely a good way to motivate people to compete and be better to reach higher rankings...
Ecency is growing into a great (and complete) HIVE frontend!

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Thanks guys for the mention and support! 😎👍


You are welcome! Keep creating great content!


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