Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for July 25th

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Is it important to set financial objectives? by @iskafan


Setting goals, or as you said setting financial objectives is crucial for success... If you don't do it it's like going shopping without the shopping list... You will buy a bunch of unnecessary things that you will never use and throw money on food that you will never eat...
Without goals, you can earn money, but without having focus, you will miss many opportunities by jumping on every "shiny thing" out there... Every time when I set an objective, I'm 100% focused on it, and usually, I reach it because of that!

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Topli letnji dan - A warm summer day by @djuramrdja


What a beautiful place you have! I know that the lake was "created" by man, but the nature around it recovered and it looks that animals like it, too!

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Short Lived HBD Pump To $3 by @dalz.shorts


I don't know the reason for this pump, but having more trading options (with added Polycub) makes these pumps more "valid"... Price goes back more slowly than usual, and very often doesn't even get where it was...

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Rising Star - x12 Card Pack Opening & Progress Update by @dubble


You can't complain about the cards that you got... Getting one great vehicle card (Ice Cream Van) and a special card from 12 packs is an awesome catch!! Congrats!

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