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I Can't Do WITHOUT These | WE91 Posting Topics by @mrenglish


That's an interesting combination! I would say a very elegant choice... I have expected that one of the things will be a mobile phone for sure, but it's nice to see that there are people who are not that "addicted" :)

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PolyCub AirDrop - How to Check Your POLYCUB AirDrop Tokens & My Strategy by @gungunkrishu


It looks that the Polycub launch day has finally come! The 60-day airdrop and early Polycub harvesting penalty will be an interesting game changer and we will see different strategies for sure... We will see very soon which one is the best... :)

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Flipping Splinterlands Chaos Legion packs for airdrop points and profit - does it work? by @bravetofu


I like the idea of your approach. An alternative would be to simply keep the packs and keep them to get points for SPS airdrop, which should be more than what you get when opening packs. You could also put sales orders for packs on Hive Engine and like that avoid to pay for potions. There are several ways of doing this and I believe we will soon see more packs sold. On the other hand, more packs sold will mean more cards on the market and this will bring price of cards down again. Anyways it's a gamble 🙂

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Turns Out I Can Do Chillout Tracks As Well by @nickyhavey


Chillout tracks from Nicky? Yes, that is true, if you dont believe me check out in his post 🙂

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