Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for November 16th

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Crazy Move Coming For Leo !Leo WillHave A Big Move Under 8 Hours by @financeadviser


For me, buying the LEO token under 30c is a no-brainer... People have a short memory and they have already forgotten about the upcoming Polycubs platform and how bullish will be with all those burning mechanisms...
Also, if we take a look at the last graph you can notice how there is a thin air when the price hits $0.39... After, that $1 is an easy target... ;)

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Back to nature - Recharging and regrounding after HiveFes by @adetorrent


I was only on the first day in the "virtual world", and I got sick after that... lol... Doing a similar "therapy" as you, going outside, and enjoying nature helped in recovering!
Btw. you have found a perfect spot as always... Beautiful photos and it looks that birds liked your company as they were swimming toward you... :)

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Loving and hating in Splinterlands - a meme story by @diebitch


That's a very original way to present your Splinterlands experience 🙂

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Lonely Day - System Of A Down (Caja Acústica) By @GeorgeRandom by @georgerandom


We are welcoming a new user on hive , georgerandom, a musician who presents himself now with an interesting cover of the song Lonely Day

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Well, I'm pleased to say my 40 staked LEO were just enough to earn my upvotes a tiny amount of LEO each time... I should really take advantage of the current low price point and buy some more...

I sold off all my POB tokens to buy more INDEX, so my POB votes carry no weight, but I enjoyed reading about @adetorrent seeking refreshment in nature and am now following him. My guess is that he is based somewhere in East Anglia in England, since there are no sign of any hills and that is where a lot of those pesky Egyptian Geese hang out.

Thanks again for introducing fresh content to us.