Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for November 24th

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Hiveans could probably sue HIVE Social and Win Big! 😲😲😲 by @coininstant


It is a bit annoying to see the same name in the same niche... I have no idea about this "lawyerish" stuff, but I know that we have some Hivers who have a lot of experience in that field... So, I will tag two guys who could take a look at this...

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The Mysterious Ways of the Human Brain and Body... by @denmarkguy


Getting back to work after being on vacation is always a challenge for me... And, being ill for 2 weeks, and then coming back is even worse... It's like building up a house from scratch! But, I'm sure you will get back... We were missing your posts!

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3 Effective Ways To Earn Passive Income by @bitcoinflood


Having some passive income today is a must! We don't even have to go far away from crypto (or better-said HIVE) to create some of these income streams...
Instead of stocks, we have tokens that pay dividends, and we have HBD savings and HivePower! And yes, one of the main investments should be investing in ourselves!

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My Strategy for $GLX - Sell Or Stake? & Plans Ahead... by @gungunkrishu


I have been staking the token since the beginning and selling 10% of my staking rewards. So far I'm quite happy of how it has developed. With lower prices, it definitely makes sense to stake more. Great post!

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