Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for October 13th

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Splinterlands SPS Technical Analysis | Splinterlands #126 by @mercurial9


-However, we know being in crypto space, hype, euphoria, and FOMO are powerful, and no matter how rational you try to explain things, you can't stand in front of a bull train.-
That is very well said! It's like tons of black swans along the way lol

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LeoFi, the place to earn passively on your LEOs ! Short Guide by @vlemon


It's a pity that there are no more people to use this great platform, but it's good that there is an option for leasing LEO Power... People will come when the LEO tokens start to climb in value... ;)

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Chaos Legion Presale Strategy Locked and Good to Go by @gadrian


I'm thinking about doing the same, but of course, I have less staked SPS and fewer VOUCHERs... Somehow, I'm still not convinced to go shopping for packs when the pre-sale starts... It's fine that they will count for the future airdrops, but I doubt that they will have a bigger "value" (inside the airdrop panel), than for example, the Untamed packs... On the other side, if the FOMO turns into GIGA-FOMO, the price of CL packs can easily hit $40-50 (all together with the price of VOUCHERs)... But, let us wait and see... ;)

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It's nice to see every Wednesday a new festival card! Oh, I didn't notice that there are new Halloween cards already! It's time to buy and open some packs...

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