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If You're Buying CL Packs on Hive-Engine for more than $3.60, You're Getting RIPPED OFF! by @kennyskitchen


I agree with you. The voucher covers the added things that you might get for buying the packs in the store. When taking into consideration that the burn/point value of the CL cards will be lower than that of untamed, I believe that prices are really too high at the moment.

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Hive Open Mic # 80 - Cover "The Bee Gees" - Palabras - por @betzaelcorvo by @betzaelcorvo


We really enjoy your versions, your guitar playing, and singing! Great to hear you every week on the scene of Hive Open Mic! 🙂

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Where has the FOMO gone? by @toofasteddie


I agree with you that we aren't in the FOMO regarding BTC... And we are in a very dangerous zone to get pulled down again, but even if that happens, I don't think that we will stay there for a long...
The thing that we need at the moment is a trigger for a new FOMO!

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Wednesday Walk to my Apartment's Backyard by @codingdefined


You got some nice butterfly photos! I was trying to take some a few days ago, but my butterfly was fassst... lol... In my side of the world, it's hard to see them often and it's even harder to catch them in photos...
Btw. those roses also look fantastic!

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