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AFIT AIRDROP: Step-by-step guide + Metamask installation and configuration for the BSC / Guida Passo Passo + Installazione e Configurazione Metamask(ENG/ITA) by @libertycrypto27


I have missed this information about the AFIT airdrop and launching their DeFi app! Thanks for sharing!
Do you know if ALL AFIT tokens will count for the airdrop? I mean, those on Hive-Engine, or just those that are in the internal Actifit wallet?

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Weaver Ant bodyguard a Caterpillar by @nerdylens


It still looks that they are attacking the caterpillar and he is defending with some kind of fluid, but you can be right... There is a lot of examples of symbiosis among plants and animals...
You did some awesome photos here! Congrats!

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Alpha and Beta Epic's on the rise. Sorry about that. by @niallon11


Here I see somebody building a real SL rental business lol. I really like to rent out my cards but I find it somewhat time consuming to update the rentals regularly. Also I tend to leave cards too cheap on the market to be sure that I get renters. I believe it can't be wrong to invest in cards that are getting rarer by the day 🙂

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Hive Open Mic 80 - Worldwide Live Music Event - ON A NEW MORNING. Unreleased song by @emilmadrid by @emilmadrid


From week to week, surprising us with nice original songs matching the topic perfectly. Very good job @emilmadrid, keep up with the good work!

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