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The saga of making your whole life fit in one room // A saga de fazer sua vida toda caber num cômodo só by @thomashnblum


You are right about the fact that people don't need mansions with 20 bedrooms, as we indeed need just a small space for us as individuals... But, living with other people in the same, small space can be very challenging as everyone needs its small "private corner"

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BTC and Crypto Take a Hit on China News by @whatsup


The time of HODLing crypto and just smiling at this news has passed... As more and more institutions coming into crypto, the more will crypto "absorb" this kind of bad news...
But, you are right about holding fiat in these moments! I would say that soon cards would change... On the one side, we will have very volatile FIAT money, and on the other side stable crypto... It sounds crazy, but...

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Movers & Shakers of the CTP top 100 - Week 37 - 2021 by @aslehansen


As the CTP tribe grows these differences between top movers and shakers are very small... The real power of decentralization is coming to the surface!
Thanks for these reports that you are doing!

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Song: "Cricket Lovely Cricket" For Monday's Photography & Reggae #APART Challenge by @andy4475


What an awesome combination of photo, personal story, and the music that is so catchy! Is there someone in the world that doesn't like Reggae? :)

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Many thanks for selecting my main account article ( @andy4475 )

Much appreciated Bro , enjoy the #VIBES 😎


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I really appreciate the !LUV & support ~ Thank you... !PIZZA