Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 24th

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The search for a sweet dinner by @denisdenis


Wow, these mushrooms really look great... In nature, but also on your dinner table!
Great photos and a great story from the beginning to the end... Thanks for sharing...

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Dubai Is Embracing Cryptocurrency To Double Its Economy by @readthisplease


I have noticed that some of the "crypto influencers" are living in Dubai, and it's great to see that they are working on accepting Bitcoin and crypto in their country... We know what kind of tourists are going there, and there are a lot of "new wealthy generations" that can spend money there... Wise move!

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Countries Built on Debt by @luhari


It's crazy how these numbers are piling up and up... It's very rare to find some "debt-free" country and it looks to me like CountryA lends to CountryB, and then CountryB lends to CountryA, and they summarize all that like their debt... lol...
I was checking debts a few months ago and it looked that China actually "owns" the USA... lol... But, there is a lot of politics and speculation on all sides...

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New Tunes, 24.9.2021 by @seckorama


New week and new edition of Seckorama new tunes is here. We especially liked the Croatian Metaklapa and their song Fear of the Dark! Enjoy

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