Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 28th

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens! These Hive-Engine tribes give additional value to the whole ecosystem and help authors and curators to follow their niches and dreams...

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When would a $1 POB be Possible? by @uyobong


As POB has 4-year halving integrated into the code, it will take some time to get to that $1, but with this rate of staking tokens and active community around it, it's very probable to happen...
The POB token is one of the Liotes's favorite coins and we will continue to build our stake!

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Debt in a fiat money world: easy to create, impossible to forgive. by @nirvana3003


You are right about the "history of debt"... In the beginning, it had a sense of asking for a loan when "people are in need", but in the modern (fiat) world it became ridiculous... People are asking for loans for completely unimportant things in 90% of cases (or even more), and governments have gone totally wild with trillions of debt... and printing money doesn't help at all...
Crypto is the only solution for getting back to the roots of responsible debts...

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WE DON'T WORK LIKE WE USED TO... by @nonsowrites


You have touched on two important issues in your post... I'm not sure I want to comment banking part as I would like to see them gone ASAP... :) I don't think that they will "disappear" because of e-naira, or any other government coins... They are working closely with any government around the world, but I do hope that cryptocurrencies will REPLACE banks in a certain amount... We only ask for a choice... At the moment, we HAVE TO use banks, but it would be nice to "opt-out" from them...
And the educational part of your post is something that's a problem everywhere... The education system is old, children are learning stuff that has no sense with anything today, that are old and forgotten... It needs a big revision, and the only way would be some kind of self-education, which is already present...

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Hive openmic #77 - CLASSIC ROCK INTROS (guitar civer) by @galih.amenk


A great selection of rock intros. Life is not always perfect, but we should try to find joy looking beyond imperfections. WE are happy also to listen to this great guitar player here in hive! Enjoy!

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