Growth on the Blockchain

My early days journeying through Hive hasn't been void of twists and turns, but one I am grateful for because like Frank D Roosevelt said; "Smooth seas don't make good sailors". so I'll constantly pick myself up whenever I fall and keep learning. I am also very grateful for the amazing community we have here on the Hive constantly that would not let you go astray, sometimes with a spank on the wrist but so many other times with kind and encouraging words. Also not forgetting the upvotes that I have been counselled on countless occasions to look past and do the work.


By the way, I have a birthday in a few days, Saturday to be precise. My birthday got me thinking of what I have achieved this past year which I think is undue pressure on myself but I guess it helps put my life in perspective and realize what I should be grateful for. Then it struck me that last year I wasn't a part of this amazing, welcoming and sometimes disciplinarian community that has filled my tummy with excitement on many days and sunk me to very few depths of depression on some days.

It dawned on me that Hive is the perfect birthday gift I have given myself and I intend to make the best of it. So, I did very little research on how to become better on Crypto finance and the blockchain in general and found it reassuring when many authors reiterated that it's a marathon and not a sprint. I also found some attributes anyone Who has chosen this path must have a few of to experience some level of success.

  • Committment and Consistensy
    This seems to be one piece of advice everyone you speak to have in common and my guess is because its importance can not be overemphasized. When I think of it, it's obvious that the people who make it a point of action to be consistently active here as much as they can seem to reap its benefits and encourage others from time to time.

  • Communities and Trends
    Communities are the building block of any society and help us have a sense of belonging that we can rely on for support whenever we need it. Also putting an ear out for the recent developments and trends in our technological space means not only do we not miss out on opportunities but we also do not jump into improbable trades and deals in a bid to make a quick buck.


  • Technical Analysis
    Obviously, experience is built over a while but it is also better to learn from the experiences of others. One important way of doing this is to read up on the subject until you have some level of understanding on the matter so you are not swayed by every fancy word that crosses your path. Instead, you develop an interest for yourself by putting yourself through the paces and reading as wide as you can.

  • Action and Consequence
    Understanding that every asset you gain interest in can either increase its value or also depreciate. Most people get into blockchain technology with a get rich mentality, which a few times happen but many other times the consequence of such actions could be heart-wrenching. Remember it's a marathon and not a sprint and endeavour to put your best foot forward per time.

  • Self Control
    FOMO is a very insincere emotion that sometimes helps us make the worst decisions. I know this feeling from playing a lot of Fantasy football, you think a player is doing so well and then because you want to achieve all the points from him as a result of his form, you disrupt your whole squad to make room for him, but the moment he gets into your team either he gets an injury or his form tanks. This could also happen with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain when you just want to do what others are doing before doing the adequate amount of research needed to make a transaction.

I am grateful for this growth and the people I know and those I've met, I hope this next phase of my life helps build me into a better person because I really do think life has got to give me a break at some point.

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